beeldend kunstenaar 

recent work

landscapes in black and white,

circa 320 x 150 cm

after 2000: drawings | pastels | mixed |
archive: 1960 - 1980 | 1980 - 1985 | stolen work

The polder landscape with the elements, such as bridges, electricity pylons, dykes, locks, trees, fences and gates, plants and stones form the inspiration for the black and white landscapes. The bird’s-eye perspective is often used; from the high bridges the polder landscape is visible ‘from the air’. The wide skies and clouds create the occasionally dramatic light. Contrasts that make the work take a romantically threatening allure.

Click here for a Youtubefilm, with Ruzanna Nahapetjan, an Armenian singer singing in front of my work on the 17th of May 2008.
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